Pictures and Memories from Walker Lake Resort.

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Emily and the duck started a great friendship at Walker Lake.
These people came all the way from Singapore to experience winter in Muskoka. The children built their first snowman. In fact it was the first time they saw snow.
The fish love it in Walker Lake. Catch one and introduce yourself. This one was caught by Radu and his son. Proof that you can catch good size fish in Walker Lake.
A midsummer day, hot, sunny & clear. The lake is calm and the kids are enjoing a nice peaceful day on the lake. Looks refreshing, doesn't it? Want to jump in?
This is a great time to get out in the canoe. Everything smells so clean and pure. You can hear bird songs from all around the lake. Be sure to bring your camera.
There is wildlife all around you. If you take a quiet stroll along the country roads you might have a close encounter of the deer kind.
The water warms up day by day. New shoots come up through the forest floor, while the undergrowth comes to life.
The late afternoons are warm and comfortable. It's the perfect time of day to sit out and enjoy the spring weather.
An early morning in June. The birds & squirrels have been busy for hours, and the air is heating up. Under the trees by the shore the boats wait patiently to carry you out on the lake. There are so many adventures to look forward to.
The midday heat feels wonderful, banishing all thought of winter cold. This is the best time to relax on the dock with a good book and a cold drink.
Even on a cloudy day there's plenty to do. Did we mention the fishing? Oh yes. They're biting!
Swimming. Boating. Just messing about in the clean water. There's lots of activities for kids of all ages.
When you come to the end of a perfect day ... After a full day you can be treated to nature's magnificent show - a sunset. A breathtaking red sky that forecasts another great day tomorrow.
The perfect fall morning. A light mist on the warm water, and the lake is smooth as glass. Anyone for an early morning fishing expedition?
The mist clears to reveal another perfect fall day. Some people think this is the best time of year. At Walker Lake Resort we think any time of year is the best.
Mid-September, and all is quiet. The children are back in school and the adults come out to play. A tasty barbeque and a tour around the lake is a wonderful way to fill the afternoon.
The fall colors are in full bloom. The afternoon is warm and there is a gentle breeze across the water. There are a couple of top-quality golf courses near by. Could there be a better place to while away some pleasant hours?
A quiet evening meal on the dock. This is just another perfect way to end another perfect day. Outdoor patios in the city are fine, but up here in Muskoka with the peaceful lapping of water on the shore, all other problems seem so far away.
The first snowstorm of the season. You awaken to a gray and silent world that's totally different than yesterday. The winter brings it's own kind of beauty. Thoughts turn to waxing skis and bringing in more firewood.
The snow continues into the late morning. It's quiet here. Very quiet. If you listen carefully you can actually hear the soft sounds of the falling snow.
By early afternoon the clouds have cleared away to reveal a brilliant blue sky. The cleanup has been done, and now the fun can begin.
The steps are swept, and the Norsemen Restaurant is ready for dinner guests. I'll bet there's time for some cross-country skiing before dinner.
Pathways have been cleared to the cottages, and everything is ready - for the next big snowstorm. There's always lots of snow at Walker Lake. Dress warm, and get ready for fun-filled days and evenings by the fire. Do you want marshmallows in your hot chocolate?